Wagyu rib eye joint
2 x Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye Steak 250g A5 BMS 10-12
6 December 2021
1 x Japanese Wagyu Fillet Steak 200g A5 Steaks
6 December 2021
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1 x Japanese Wagyu Fillet Steak 150g A5 Steaks


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The richness of the best marbled beef in the world lends itself to, less is more. For 2 people, but probably dependent on the dish,
for 3. Thick cut, to have the incredible marriage of the browned umami Maillard taste with the delicate soft pure texture within. A
heavenly delight!
ITO Japanese Wagyu (Portioned Steaks)
Each steak weighs approximately 150g.

Proof of authenticity can be emailed on request, Each Joint comes with its own traceabilty , so is not possible to send out with each individual steak

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