Hot Food

At our butcher shop, we have an on-site hot food counter which is very popular with the city workers. Our facility enables us to serve our freshly cooked meat to the public to eat there and then.

We cook anything from Wagyu beef burgers to a portion of potatoes, so we have everything to suit your appetite. We use all of our own products and seasonings to give our meat unique tastes.

Lots of our products can be put into a large baguette with a sauce of your choice and onions if you wish. Our vast range of meats give you almost unlimited options when choosing a baguette so you can mix and match as you please.

We are especially busy during lunch hours as many of the city workers appreciate our high quality and quantities of meat for such low prices.

Our friendly staff working at the hot food counter are always happy to help and meet special requirements, as well as informing you about all of our products.

To order online visit our menu page. Please email us with all the products you wish to purchase including any details such as sauces/onions (baguettes only) in which you would like.
Orders are collection only with payment upon collection and must be ordered before 11:00am for same day collection. Orders online must be at least £20.00.

How can we provide such great value?

When a company is set up to sell cooked produce, it has to purchase the meat from a butchers like ourselves. Since all companies are run off of profit, the butchers will take a cut allowing them to make a profitable transaction. This drives up the production cost for the purchaser forcing them to further increase the price even more to accommodate for their running costs and to make profit themselves.

On the other hand, Porterfords uses all of their own produce which is seasoned and cooked on-site meaning there is there no additional cost to the supply of our produce. Alongside this, being both a fresh meat and hot food butchers means that the hot food counter does not have to fund the rent and staff costs of the shop allowing us to give top quality hot food to customers at the lowest price possible which is not achievable by many other shops.